My passion and purpose is to help tax professionals to successfully resolve their clients' tax problems.

Patricia L. Gentile, Attorney-CPA, Founder of New England Tax Relief®

My story

In 1994, friends contacted me for help with an IRS Notice of Examination that they received. The IRS notice was something I had never heard of before. It was an audit being conducted because of their Enrolled Agent (EA)! My friends had the same EA, a former IRS Revenue Officer, prepare their returns for several years.

I reviewed their documentation and discovered many fictitious expenses. One outrageous amount was $30,000 for an expense my friend said he would never have in his type of business! The problem was that my friends did not understand their tax returns and trusted the EA completely. He would come over to their house for dinner, sit at the kitchen table, and complete their returns by hand.

When my review was done, I prepared my friend’s tax returns with the correct information to see what they would owe the IRS. The result was a $60,000 total for two tax years!

My friends could not afford to pay this amount of money. So, as I was sitting at my desk, preparing tax returns and listening to a Boston talk radio station, I kept asking myself, “How can I help my friends?” All of a sudden, I heard an advertisement on the radio for Dan Pilla’s best-selling book, “How To Get Tax Amnesty”. I ordered the book and followed word-for-word the chapters that applied to my friend’s situation. The result was that my friend’s OIC for $7,000 was accepted and allowed to be paid over a 24-month Installment Agreement! 

After that, I was hooked! Since that case in 1994 to the present, as the owner of New England Tax Relief®, I have been passionate about defending and successfully resolving tax problems for hundreds of taxpayers!


Why Trust Me With Your Business and Clients?

I know how crucial your relationship is with your clients. Their trust in you and your reputation as a tax professional is everything. Here are a few reasons that I am the right person to guide your tax practice to the next level.

I utilize strategies developed over the past 40 years as an Attorney-CPA.

I have interviewed thousands of taxpayers and resolved hundreds of difficult IRS situations.

I am on the Advisory Board and a Consulting Member of the Taxpayers Defense Institute.

I am an ongoing guest expert on the nationally syndicated Frankie Boyer Show.

Client Sucess Stories

“What a terrific person and attorney. Knows the ins and outs of tax law, extremely thorough and generous with her time, highly recommend.”

–Mercedes crafton

“Pattie was empathetic, knowledgeable and extremely professional. I would not hesitate to engage her services again!”

–Diane B.

“Pattie is terrific and knows the tax code inside out! She gives sage advice and has the answers I need!”

–Ann B.
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